What do customers want?

22.06.21 12:00 PM Comment(s)

What do customers want?

Modern customers are notorious for, hard to please, difficult to satisfy, and easy to lose. While many blame Web 2.0 for making customer satisfaction impossible, some are preparing businesses that with the upcoming artificial intelligence revolution, customer satisfaction will be arduous, a fancy word that means complicated to do.

Customer satisfaction is critical because it offers value, retention, and endorsement to organizations, which help them sustain and grow. It is an attainable goal all organizations can reach with reliable customer support based on short time resolution, resourceful support, and a personalized experience.

Research has done a great job in studying the needs of customers. Despite the different characteristics of each client, a general list can apply to all customers.

1.  Customers value time:

 No one likes to repeat himself or herself on the phone. When the client has to narrate her/his challenge to different representatives in one phone call is just time-killing and makes the customer feel unlistened.

Many solutions prevent time to waste and challenge repetition in customer support. For instance, at noodesk, a Canadian customer support provider makes sure to share the customer's challenge internally to avoid burdening the client with unnecessary repetition that can only extend his worries and reduce his satisfaction.

2.  Customers require Resourceful Support:

There is nothing worse than contacting a help desk that has no idea how to help you. Having and providing the information the customer is looking for is what defines good customer support.

3.  Customers want a Personalized experience:

The era of broad and general customer support ended a long time ago. Every client deserves to be known and treated as a person and not a referring number or a case. What makes a good customer experience is understanding the client's fears and addressing his problem in a reassuring way that comforts him to receive the support he is searching for.


How to measure the efficiency of customer support?

Many organizations assess their customer support service using the net promoted score, a well-grounded market research metric to evaluate the likelihood a customer would recommend the company, which is not enough to measure the overall customer experience. For instance, at Noodesk, we use another metric that we call, Return Supported Customer rate (RSC), the percentage of clients that have contacted customer support and decided to stay royal customers due to their satisfaction. Briefly, RSC is an accurate metric that defines how much your customer support is sufficient and working that even a challenge would not turn them away.