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Who We Are

Noodesk is your go-to authority for superior outsourcing solutions. Our prowess lies in streamlining processes for businesses, allowing them to amplify their productivity, earnings, and influence. We boast a skilled, forward-thinking team of professionals, passionately committed to delivering bespoke business strategies that make a difference. Our clientele is as diverse as our expertise, spanning various sectors worldwide.

Creativity, Flexibility, Transparency, and Enthusiasm are the cornerstone values that shape our identity and influence our actions. We equip our tailored business solutions with state-of-the-art technology to empower our clients to hit their goals with precision. Our branches in Canada, the United States, France, and Morocco are ever-ready to offer you service excellence that aligns with global standards, keeping client satisfaction at the forefront.

Our Values


 Noodesk thrives on a culture of ingenuity and innovation. Our team's inventive spirit forms the core of our operation, continually exceeding client expectations by adapting to an ever-evolving global landscape. Our mantra revolves around delivering unique, forward-thinking solutions to navigate the relentless tides of change effectively.


 Amidst the ceaseless ebbs and flows of an ever-changing world, disruption is the norm rather than the exception. At Noodesk, our power resides not merely in our swift adaptation to these shifts but also in our forward-thinking approach. We take the lead in pioneering change and delivering anticipatory solutions to our clientele.


 In an ever-fluctuating global landscape where disruption is more predictable than stability, Noodesk thrives on its potent combination of adaptability and forward-thinking vision. We not only swiftly respond to change, but we also strive to be the initiators of transformation, providing pre-emptive solutions to our clients with an unwavering commitment to openness and clarity. 


It is the primary catalyst fueling our teams' daily pursuits, guiding us to adopt worldwide exemplary practices. This unyielding zeal ensures we deliver exceptional outcomes tailored to our clients' requirements, enhancing their overall satisfaction.

Why Us

We are agents of change, fostering business growth and success. We proudly deliver a diverse array of services, from technical and managerial assistance to operational guidance, to enterprises of all scales. Leveraging our extensive expertise in various business process operations, we are committed to delivering top-tier, cost-effective results.

Availability to provide all types of companies the best BPO services anywhere in the world and the support needed to reach their goals.

Our Services

Noodesk is your key to organizational triumph, providing a diverse array of offerings to foster success. Our primary services encompass conventional business process operations, internal business mechanisms, and related functions such as procurement, interim, and outsourcing services. These services are meticulously designed to streamline work procedures, slash operational expenses, and amplify profitability and importance for our esteemed clientele.

Meeting to discuss the most suitable  On Demand service we can offer to our clients.

On Demand

Working with a limited budget but still in need of our exceptional outsourcing solutions? Fear not, as we assure to extend our expertise and dedication, promising you the most optimal value for your investment. 

IT expert working 24/7 to serve the best IT solutions.


Whether it's an imminent employee departure or a scheduled leave, our E-interim service is at your disposal. We guarantee the provision of a highly skilled interim resource to seamlessly fill the temporary vacancy, ensuring uninterrupted workflow for the duration you require.

Noodesk  clients  choosing the best resource as a backup upon request


Enlist the support of professional specialists for your assignments whenever needed.

Clients getting connected with specialized professionals that would meet their requirements.

Special Sourcing

In need of top-tier industry experts? Provide us with your specifications, and we will meticulously align candidates to each requirement you've set.

Noodesk's team solving capacity issues of our client's organizations.


Focusing on your core business functions and outsourcing some of your business process operations to us helps you achieve more with less. Let's help you win.

Our Solutions


Technical Support


Financial And Administrative Support

Customer Service Multichannel

Personal Assistant/Administrative Assistant 

Multi-Channel Customer Service

Switchboard Services

Facility Management

 Procurement & Purchases

Supply Chain Management

Division & Planning

Quality Control

Recruitment & Payroll

Ticketing and Hotel Operations


Data Entry & Data Analysis

WEB Searches


Report Preparation

Application Development

Amazon FBA