Our Services

At Noodesk, we offer services that help organizations succeed. Our core services are; traditional business process operations and internal business functions alongside other related functions such as; procurement, Interim and outsourcing services.   These services are geared towards creating efficient work processes, reducing running costs and boosting profitability and significance for our clients.

Meeting to discuss the most suitable On Demand service we can offer to our clients.

On Demand

We offer you a variety of service providers excelled in different areas for you to choose the one that matches your requirement. Depending on the size of your company and work-hour limit, we serve you the qualified professionals under your budget. In this way, you will be able to increase your ROI and profits for the long-term race at reduced costs. 

IT expert working 24/7 to serve the best IT solutions.

We deliver customer service solutions for your business success by managing and optimizing key processes for your business through our E-Interim managers. With our team’s competitive approach, we increase the growth of your business. We have a successful record of dealing with our clients through our E-interim management solutions. 

Noodesk clients choosing the best resource as a backup upon request


Get experts as back up resources for your tasks upon request. 
Our backup solution is available to ensure the accessibility of your primary data by limiting the possibility of backup disruption, all through high security standards and affordability. 

Customers getting connected with specialized professionals that would meet their requirements.

 Special Sourcing

Recruiting for highly specialized professionals? Give us your criteria and we will match every item on your list.
Strategic sourcing is a mandatory step for any business pursuing global expansion. Our procurement officers’ duty is to help you exploit global efficiencies with agility.

Noodesk's team solving capacity issues of our client organizations.


Focusing on your core business functions and outsourcing some of your business process operations to us helps you achieve more with less. Let’s help you win by providing a large pool of experts whose only job is to make you reach your target with the highest quality service and the minimum cost. 

Our Solutions




Application Development

Multi-Channel Customer Service

Switchboard Services

Customer Service Multichannel

Technical Support

Personal Assistant/ Administrative Assistant

Financial And Administrative Support

Procurement & Purchases

Supply Chain Management 

Ticketing and Hotel Operations


Division & Planning

Facility Management

Recruitment & Payroll Data Entry & Data Analysis

WEB Searches


Report Preparation

Quality Control

Amazon FBA

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