What do customers want?
Businesses can reach customer satisfaction despite the differences in customers with reliable customer support based on short time resolution, resourceful support, and a personalized experience.
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 The Real Cost of running an office in Canada 
The real cost of running a business in Canada does not only lie in office rent, employees salary payment, and bills but goes further for the opportunity cost employees workspace charges
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Organizational culture and the Outsourcing decision
Organizational culture has significant importance on the outsourcing decision. Lack of understanding of the nature of the marketing field, organizational culture, and Personality traits lead to subcontracting with a business process outsourcing company.
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Why should I outsource to a BPO company?
Why should I outsource to a BPO company is a question in the mind of many businesses struggling to overcome workspace cost and focusing on core business activities. In this article, we discuss the macro and micro advantages of outsourcing, while answering the recruiting dilemma with examples.
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